ATM, Organization for the Sea Turtles (in portuguese: Associação Tartarugas Marinhas), or in its full name:

Organization for the Protection, Research and Conservation of Sea Turtles in the Portuguese Speaking Countries, actively promotes the protection of all species of sea turtles under the motto:




The Mission of ATM is the protection, research and conservation of sea turtles in the Portuguese Speaking Countries, promoting a sustainable development.

Sea turtles have existed for more than 150 million years and survived to all the changes on the planet. It took the emergence of the man and the current over-exploitation of all the resources on earth, for all the seven species of sea turtles, existing in our oceans, to become threatened and close to extinction.

The extinction of sea turtles can still be avoided, through concrete actions and concerted efforts. To attain this aim, through our work, and your involvement, we intend to show that individual efforts can make a real difference in the survival of a species.


The ATM assumes itself as a bond of cooperation in research and conservation of Sea Turtles, in the portuguese speaking countries, countries that already share a historical, cultural and linguistic strong connection.


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