Sea turtles are endangered species in the world. The life cycle takes place on beaches and seas of various countries, making them very vulnerable. Therefore, no conservation effort would be effective without international agreements and appropriate legislation, able to regulate and ensure the different stages of life of these animals.


Chelonia mydas (Green turtle)


Sea turtles are very charismatic animals, which has facilitated around the world, their use as flagship species, enabling the protection not only of other species and the habitats where they occur, but also coastal communities.

Around the world, the survival of sea turtles is threatened by a variety of human actions. Nowadays many turtle populations have suffered huge declines, and in some cases, are already extinct. Although several conservation programs act to mitigate the main risks to the survival of sea turtles, natural aspects of natural selection, which affects mainly the young, together with long period before turtles achieve sexual maturation, accentuates the slow recovery of populations.

The migratory nature of sea turtles, the crossing of political and geographic borders, makes it essential that local actions are complemented by collaboration between different conservation programs. It is generally agreed that conservation measures implemented independently, or isolated on a national scale, are ineffective in reversing the process of declining populations. The formation of regional and international cooperation facilitates the exchange of experiences, information and scientific data, that once collected, allow more effective strategies and better answers to solve conservation problems.

Therefore, we expect that the integration and cooperation between organizations, governments, individuals and the society in general, may promote opportunities for a better quality of life on local communities where sea turtles occur, a better management of natural resources, and an increased responsibility for the protection of biodiversity for future generations.