Conservation need

Much can be learned about the health of the environment through the sea turtles. Turtles exist for more than 100 million years, and traveled through the world’s oceans. However, they are now fighting for their survival, largely due to the actions caused by man. But what can the extinction of sea turtles mean for the human species?


It is possible that a world in which sea turtles can not survive may soon become a world in which humans struggle to survive. However, if we learn from our mistakes and start changing our behavior, there is still time to save sea turtles from extinction.


If we save one of the most mysterious creatures of the planet, we may also save ourselves.

Chelonia mydas (Tartaruga Verde)
Chelonia mydas (Tartaruga Verde)

What is extintion?

A plant or animal becomes extinct when the last individual of its species dies, disappearing from the earth forever.


The extinction of species has been occurring for millions of years; it is a natural part of the evolutionary process. Most of the species that co-existed with the dinosaurs have became extinct, probably due to sudden geological and climatical changes. Today, however, the extinction of species occurs mostly due to abrupt changes caused by humans.


Habitat destruction, pollution and over-exploitation, have been causing the decline of species at a pace never before seen in history. This loss of biodiversity can make all life on earth vulnerable.