Sponsorships and Partnerships


The Oceanário de Lisboa does not need to be presented! With 17 years of existence and more that 19 millions of visitors, this space is one of the cultural equipment more visited in Portugal. It was recognized as the best aquarium in the world by the Traveler’s Choice of TripAdvisor.

It has new and innovative experiences, as it is the case of the temporary exposition of “Underwater forests” by Takashi Amano.

It also supports unique projects that are being developed in the national and international territory and that are important and decisive contributors for the conservation of threatened species. The conservation and protection program of sea turtles in São Tomé and Príncipe, Programa Tatô, is an example of it.


Príncipe Island is considered by many as the África jewel. It has a stunning biodiversity, tropical landscape and weather, extremely friendly people; it is unbelievable to see how the island is so undeveloped in terms of tourism. To the HBD (Here Be Dragons) company, Príncipe island is in an impair situation in which the development can be made in a sustainable way, creating a worldwide model of sustainable development. Half of the projects of HBD in the island includes the building of hotel units in some the northern beaches, that cover nesting area for sea turtles. The ATM together with HBD and Bombom Resort share the concern that those beaches need to be protected from the touristic development, changing the minimum as possible the nesting habitat of these animals as well as they behavior. The HBD was the main financial entity of the first project of ATM in the field and it continues to help since 2012.


Uzina is an unconventional publicity agency, that was born in 199. The Uzina team gives a talented contribute to help ATM, since its beginning. This support can be reflected in the identity of ATM and in the elaboration and maintenance of the website, the main communication vehicle of ATM.


The Luso American Foundation for the Development is a private portuguese foundation and financially autonomous, created in 1985, by the portuguese government.

Their goal is to contribute to the development in Portugal, through financial and strategical support to innovator projects and incentives to cooperation between the portuguese and american civil societies.

FLAD supports Tatô Program through the FLAD África program, developed in the african countries of portuguese language, majorly Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau. The goal is to have the presence of FLAD in África, creating an adequate program that responds to the actual challenges, either is from african communities or present portuguese agents or people with the ambition of going to the referred continent.


With more that 20 years of activity related to the creation, development, and manufacturing of technical solutions of formwork that have capicity to support and give shape to concrete. Nowadays it can be found in different countries of Europe, South America, África and Ásia. 2014 was characterized by the consolidation and fortification of activities in the markets where the group was present as Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, France, Georgia, Mozambique, Portugal and Romania.

For the first time in 2015, it supports a project related to the marine conservation, the Tatô Program. We are deeply thankful for the confidence deposited in our project of conservation and protection of sea turtles in partnership with the NGO MARAPA.


apoios_logo moiagest

Since its beginning, in 1985, the Moiagest group has been linked to the restoration and feeding areas. The mission is to offer products of restoration and feeding of high quality as well as the customer service. Thus, the Moiagest group bet in restoration spaces in Faro and Lisbon airports, with a varied portfolio of international brands.

The Moiagest supports different solidary projects including the REFOOD and this year it joined us to support Tatô Program.


Capital Criativo is an independent society of risky capital, registered since November 2009 and subject to supervision of CMVM.

In 2015, Capital Criativo recognized the high important of sea turtle, as flagship species for the healthiness of the marine ecosystems, essentials to all living beings life that habits our planet. Nowadays, Capital Criativo supports ATM in the protection and maintenance of sea turtles species particularly, in São Tomé and Príncipe.


Localized in Campo de Ourique, one of the most traditional neighbourhood of Lisboa, was born in 1934.

80 years later, renewed but maintaining the original trait, Campo de Ourique market is on the of the news meeting points that perfectly combines the tradicional portuguese recipe with the advantages of modern times.

To the tradicional benches of vegetables, fruits or fish, 20 new stalls have joined to it, with a wide varied offer: seafood, conventual sweets, wines, ice creams, sushi, cheese, tradicional snacks or gourmet burgers, united for a unique experience to the palate and vision.

We can count with the crutial help of Campo de Ourique market to ensure the continuity of protection and monitoring of sea turtle species in São Tomé and Príncipe.


Noori was born in 2009 with an innovator concept and never seen before in Portugal. We could know and see Temakerias in Brazil, but in Portugal, eat sushi in a cone was completely new! They started with a store in Chiado and now, since then, they have 8 stores and a project of internationalization.

Aware of the role of sea turtles as truly sentinels of oceans’ healthy, in 2015 they associate to ATM, supporting the Conservation and Protection program of sea turtles of São Tomé and Príncipe.


B Holding Catering is a company specialized in serve unique and unforgettable experiences through its delicious menus, made by masters and served with passion, in original thematic parties with stunning scenarios that can turn dreams into reality, from business dinners to wedding parties.

Supporting ATM, the B Holding ensures the work of protection for these threatened species, essentials in the maintenance of the oceans’ balance as well as their sustainable in long periods of time.


Events by TLC is a portuguese company, recognized and awarded internationally. Creates unforgettable events for global costumers in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

The company is specialized in corporative events, sportives, and associations in Bloco Ibero-Americano. Conceives, plan and realizes conferences, presentations of products at international levels, brand activations, congresses, meetings, awards, incentive programs and other events associated with another mundial one  – as the huge sports competitions. All events from Events by TLC have a strong component of storytelling and are drawn in detail.


As you wish at any place. The Transportes Magalhães e Bruno company, funded in 1989, dedicates to transport and logistic services, at national and international levels. With solutions adapted at all kinds of charge, TMB manages more than 150 trucks, trailers and fridges. Its own modern and updated fleet, allows to the company to give response to any challenge. Logistic solutions, company complementary activities are ensured with professionalism.


CIN is a portuguese brand of paints and varnishes, leader in the iberian market and present in different international markets. CIN dedicates its activity to distinct segments of market: decorative, industry, anti-corrosion and accessories, each one with a different weight on the market where they are present.

The company was created in 1926 and its the only portuguese one belonging to CEPE – Conselho Europeu de Fabricantes de Tintas. Integrating the Coatings Research Group Inc. since 1990. CIN is also a founding member of Nova Paint Club. Supports ATM since 2014.