Sea turtles are known to exist for more than 150 million years, since the time of the dinosaurs.

Yet the actions and activities of man are causing the decline of all species of sea turtles by pushing them to the edge of extinction.


It is estimated that only one, out of every thousand newly born turtles, may reach adulthood.

With the present situation of hunting, overfishing, habitat destruction and pollution, the probability of survival is even lower.
Without our help, and without changing our actions towards nature and biodiversity, it will be difficult for sea turtle populations to recoveror even survive.
It is necessary to protect the nesting areas!
We must increase the awareness to man, the warning of the risk of extinction and the importance of preservation of Sea Turtles!
Sea turtles are an important component of marine biodiversity and they help to maintain the balance of ecosystems and are an evidence of a healthy environment.
Because they are migratory animals, travelers of the seas, sea turtles live at different stages of their lives in more than one country and even more than one continent, they can travel thousands of kilometers between feeding and breeding areas.
The protection of this heritage depends on all of us, collectively and individually.
It is essential to perpetuate the species for future generations!