Sea Turtle and Remoras.MarinePhotobank


Sea turtles often have a varied and sometimes luxurious variety of organisms in their shells or other body parts.


The turtles may displace some of these organisms attached to the body with the aid of its flippers, and the growth of these organisms can also be decreased by the action of other animals, mostly herbivores.

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Some turtles seek cleaner fish or shrimp. In a cleaning symbiosis, a fish or a shrimp get food from the body of the turtle, relieving it of algae, ectoparasites or dead tissue.


Several species of cleaners remain at certain locations on the reef, as if they were “cleaning stations” that are sought for their alleged “clients”.


There are records of cleaner fish of animals as different as octopuses, sharks or rays.

It is not uncommon to find some birds using a turtle as a resting base on the ocean.