The Team

ATM team is formed by unremunerated elements, committed to the protection of sea turtles with special focus in the Portuguese Speaking countries, taking the most of the various advantages of sharing a common language.

The members of the board of direction and the other governing bodies are structured to support the projects development.

The ATM team for this project, was chosen in order to ensure, not only a high technical and scientific capacity in the area of conservation and research, but also the presence of members that guarantee a good and efficient project management.

The technical and scientific members are entrusted by extensive experience in conservation and research of sea turtles, particularly in projects in Angola, Guiné-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe and Brazil.

The management capacity is guaranteed by members with a vast experience in consulting and management experience in coordinating multidisciplinary projects, including directors and managers of renowned consulting firms.

The areas of training and/or specialization covered by the members of this project are: Marine Biology; Engineering and Environmental Sciences; Environmental Planning; Spatial Planning; the area of Geophysics and Meteorology Oceanography; Sustainability and Social Responsibility; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Management and Business Administration; Management and Coordination of multidisciplinary projects; Civil Engineering and Architecture; Law.

To complement this experience, ATM, as also the support of a Scientific Council with elements of great scientific recognition, who graciously accepted the invitation to give their technical and scientific support to this cause.

The ATM is also open to all Staff and volunteers to make their participation by integrating the area’s most suited to each one.